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The Twenty-Year Perspective

* Becoming the most significant and reference institute in producing streams of thought and knowledge, religious knowledge and subjects of Humanities related and near the religion considering Islamic thoughts

* Attaining the perfect elaboration of the "New Dialogue", and up-to-date and comprehensive models for behavioral systems necessary for Islamic government (as politics, judiciary, economy, ethics, management, environmental issues, etc)

* Having the position of the dialogue of thoughts as the most supreme critique and rival to the worldwide opponent dialogues in religious knowledge, and the most powerful supporter of real Islam all over the globe 

* Holding the most influential and the highest position among the institutes that provide streams of thought and culture for the university and seminary students, the youth and the managers and support them in such fields

* Fulfilling the system of research-based education in training the man power for departments and scientific departments

* Benefiting from the huge number of specialized experts and expert scholars in various fields of studies who are well-known inside the country and abroad

* Using the most practical and the best managing systems, and having the highest rank of qualification in man power and financial supplies in comparison to similar organizations in the country


Strategic Principles

* Chasing philosophical events and trends, and predicting challenges and theoretical needs of Islamic government and nation

* Trying to perform an effective managing system and to provide qualified institutional investments and human resources

* Insisting on a specific school of thought that flows in all programs and actions of IICT

* Making efforts for re-elaboration and re-development

* Considering specialization and concentration in the studies, while paying attention to continuity of courses and philosophies

* Presenting theories and innovations in theoretical and religious philosophies, and criticizing the opponent schools and scholars

* Focusing on schedule-based trends and multi-result actions and outcomes

* Taking effective and practical actions

* Creating and innovating new and developed methods and means in communication and research

* Providing the elite class with their needs

* Employing and training the experts and elites as faculty members and research department members.

* Designing and executing the educational system based on research

* Utilizing the most of internal and external capacities and strengthening members of academic board of professors to make them more effective inside and outside the country

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