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Law & Jurisprudence


The quarterly "Law and Jurisprudence" is on Islamic law and jurisprudence, and the following policies are considered. The main policies of this magazine are:

□       Elaborating Islam legal system and presenting practical models of fulfilling that

□       Criticizing legal schools and systems

□       Researching jurisprudential sciences

□       Finding pathology and responding to the problems in law and jurisprudence

□       Finding pathology of practical and theoretical problems in Iran legal system

□       Examining basis of Islamic law and jurisprudence, and defending it in a scientific way

□       Elaborating related sciences as philosophy of jurisprudence, theoretical Jurisprudence, and religion, etc

□       Studying legal systems and comparing them according to Islamic legal and jurisprudential systems

□       Reviewing new problems and suggesting solutions due to Islamic legal and jurisprudential system

□       Criticizing and reviewing rules, and making efforts to solve the problems in Iran

This magazine has been published up to 15 issues.


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