Knowledge Sharing Programs with American University Professors

The Center of Philosophy of Religion, collaborated with Scientific and International Interaction Office of Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought, and International Institute for Religious Studies Will hold the second session of knowledge sharing programs with American university professors, on the topic of “The Relation of God’s Knowledge and his Providence with Human Free Will in Open Theology”. In this meeting that will be held in video conference style, Dr. John Sanders will be presenter, and Dr. Ali Reza Qaeminia (Faculty Member of the Research Center for Islamic Culture and Thought), Dr. Yusef Daneshvar (Faculty Member of Imam Khomeini’s Educational and Research Institute, Doc. Seyed Mohammad Ali Dibaji (Faculty Member of Tehran University), and Doc. Rasul Rasulipoor (Faculty Member of Kharazmi University also present their attitudes on the subject. The meeting will be hold in Qom office.