Movement of Aristotle’s Essentials to the Qur’anic Implication

Scientific-Extension Chair “Transition from Aristotelian Intuitiveness to Quranic Intelligence” 
Organizer: Kalam Group in cooperation with Quranic Department of Humanities Research Institute of Wisdom and Religion Research Center

Provider: Hojatoleslam Dr. Mohammad Taghi Sohrabifar Nikhadan
: Dr. Abdollah Nasri and Hojjat Al -Salam Diktar Qasem Torkhan
Scientific secretary: Hojatoleslam Mohammad Kashizadeh
Date and time of the event : Sunday 26 June this month from 10:30 to 12:30

See Holding:    Aristotelian intrinsicity is incompatible with religion

Get audio file:   Voice of the passage of Aristotelian intrinsicity to the Mahdi Quranic Implication – Mohammad Taghi Sohrabifar