Resistance is the only reliable option of the nation of Iran

European governments have now become the main actors to show the White House complacency in exerting pressure on Iran and have launched a ridiculous plot against Iran. The real purpose of the "petition", "threat to war", and finally "preventing the transformation of current tensions to military tensions" from the current situation is nothing but a sequel to the policy of increasing the White House's pressure on the Iranian nation.

Resistance ” is the only reliable option of the Iranian nation

The people of America and Europe should clarify their duties with their superiors

Written by Hojatoleslam Dr Mohammad Malikzadeh Member of the faculty Department of Politics Research Center of Islamic Culture and Thought

US President Donald Tramp, in his recent trip to France, has been tired of persistent US insistence on negotiating with Iran’s ignorance of these unrealistic requests, and that these days, at almost every major news conference, this tramp and some members of his government “They understand the willingness to talk to Iran,” he said, “I understand that they (Iran) want to talk; and if they want to talk, this is good. We will talk. “!!

This kind of encounter with the external facts of Tramp can only be likened to clown movements, which only showcase the fun of the audience and possibly mislead him. It’s similar to the tune-telling behaviors and lies that have already been featured in many international meetings and meetings. As the Washington Post writes, Tramp says every 24 hours! Or the CNN news channel, recently said in a report describing Tramp to the lying president of the United States: “Donald Trump has lied at 9,451 times within 800 days since his presidency.” This personality overview The man who calls him the President is the most powerful country in the world! Of course, today’s heads of some European countries are not much better than this one.

The European countries, after the unilateral withdrawal from the United States, have so far trickled Iran to comply with their unilateral commitments, and instead of complying with their commitments and taking action against non-customary practices and international laws of the United States, Even for appealing to the United States, they have repeatedly emphasized that there is a common concern with the White House about many of the hostile policies of the United States against Iran. Makron said in a meeting with Tramp and said:

“I think we (with America) have common goals about Iran. We want to make sure they do not get nuclear weapons. We have an agreement by 2025, and we want to go further and have a clear view over the long term. (Then) to reduce ballistic activity and to restrain Iran regionally, and we also have a fourth goal of peace in the region. We need to start negotiations for this. We need to open new talks. “

This suggests that, despite more than a year of abandonment of the nuclear deal by the United States and the resumption of sanctions, Europeans are not only inclined to compensate for Iran’s losses, but also pursue and pursue the same American goals and Washington’s ambitious demands in another language. In this context, France’s request to begin talks is underway, as Europe has not taken a step forward in its commitments to compensate for Iran, but in practice Europe, according to many Western analysts, has been the US partner in enforcing sanctions against Iran. Determining the financial mechanism to circumvent sanctions by Europeans is no further than the clown’s movements against Iran. After months of relinquishing sanctions, they have created a ridiculous mechanism called the “Foreign Exchange Support Instrument” (INETEX), and after a long time, despite declining operations, it will only contain unpunished items! To make sure America does not stop unilateral US sanctions, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeau said in a German press briefing with his German counterpart: “If Instex only covers the above items, , There will be no problem “and, of course, heco-mos will confirm him! Without explaining how adherence to American sanctions is consistent with the goal of Intex, which is aimed at facilitating legitimate trade with Iran, and essentially maintaining this commitment to unilateral US sanctions, what does this financial mechanism need? Is it possible, however, that this tool can be used as a means of implementing US unilateral sanctions? Is Immanuel Macron recently explicitly stated that “Europe and the United States have common goals about Iran and only differentiate on how these goals can be achieved” explicitly states. Does it mean accepting 12 stupid complaints from Pompeo against Iran from Europe?

European governments now appear to have become the main actors in the White House’s crackdown on pressure on Iran and have launched a ridiculous plot against Iran. The real purpose of the “petition”, “threat to war”, and finally “preventing the transformation of current tensions to military tensions” from the current situation is nothing but a sequel to the policy of increasing the White House’s pressure on the Iranian nation. They also hope that widespread sanctions against Iran will have a devastating effect on the country’s economy and will lead to radical political changes within the Islamic Republic of Iran. Undoubtedly, in this great political and economic confrontation, the only safe option for the Iranian people would be “resistance”, an option that has been tested repeatedly by the Islamic Republic over the past forty years, and has led the enemies to retreat with humiliation, but What is happening to the people of the world, especially the American and European nations, is a serious action against the irrational movements of their leaders. In this situation, many international analysts have warned that, in particular, the American people should clarify their duties with their superiors, because, from the perspective of the wise world, the clamorous behaviors of such bodies as tramps will have serious consequences for the world, as Guardian’s website warned Donald Trump of the destructive actions and Iran’s 60-day grace period to European countries to alert their behavior to some of these potential consequences.

Tramp’s presidential term is such that it makes it tempting to make it a show. But despite all the absurdity and sentimentality of its pivotal character, we sometimes recall that the Trump is not a TV show, and it is a fact and its actions are important, and the risks that are there are extremely high. Although Donald Trump’s ridiculous behavior may sound like a television show, anyway, these behaviors will have serious implications for the world.