Hussein Oshaqi

Professor of Philosophy (at the Research Institute for Culture and Thought)

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Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought

What I think: Hussein Oshaqi

by A. Jalili, Office of Scientific Interactions

November 16, 2020, noon

Hussein Oshaqi (born 19) entered the Isfahan University of Science about 1969, along with high school lessons and then academic courses. He was in Isfahan until 1985, and to continue his education went to Qom and has been engaged in scientific activities in the holy Qom.
The most important professors (Isfahan): in the logic and the words: Hajtallaslam and Mr. Miszar, and Ayatollah Absali; in jurisprudence and principles: Mr. Ansari, Mr. Ansari, is from Sheikh Ansari and Ayatollah Sheikh Mohatabani, in philosophy: Ayatollah Seyed Hassan Modares. Also, the most important professors (Qom): Principles: Ayatollah Seyyed Ali, External Jurisprudence: Ayatollah Tabrizi and Ayatollah Shah Abadi, a total of 9 years; outside the principles: Ayatollah Vahid Karakani and Ayatollah Shahoabadi, a total of 9 years; Ayatollah Javadiyli and Ayatollah Javadiyli and Ayatollah Javadii and Ayatollah Hassanzadehi and Ayatollah Hassanzadehi.

Hussein Oshaqi, the Professor of Philosophy at Research Institute for Culture and Thought, teaches on topics including politics of the Middle East, democracy in the Middle East, gender and Islam, and comparative politics. (Photo by Office of Communications)

Now he is the Professor of Philosophy at the Research Institute for Culture and Thought in Tehran since 2003.

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  • Reconstruction of Anselm argument (2005)
  • The necessity of the originality of existence with its inherent obligation (2004)
  • The necessity of the originality of the truth of existence with its inherent obligation (2005)
  • The mysticism of Sadr al-Muta’allehin from Imam Khomeini’s point of view
  • The originality of existence (2007)
  • Rational justification of plurality in assuming personal unity of existence (2006)
  • Arguments of the truthful (2008)
  • Notes on true proposition (2008)
  • Unpredictability of Existence (2010)
  • Non-existent proofs (2010)
  • Belief in God is a condition for believing in any positive statement (2011)
  • Doubt in doubting the existence of Sadra’s wisdom (2010)
  • Barriers to the rule of the truth of “existence (2014)
  • On the relationship between creation and truth from the perspective of reason and narration (2014)
  • Examining Shahid Motahari’s point of view on the relationship between the originality of existence and the unity of existence (2014)
  • Critique of philosophers’ views on the types of occurrence of the universe (2016)
  • The argument of reality on the existence of God, narration, solving doubts and points (2016)
  • The dispute between a mystic and a philosopher over the nature of God (2018)
  • The three proofs of Mohaghegh Khafri on proving the existence of God and evaluating the defects of Sadr al-Muta’allehin on it (2018)
  • The effect of Shiite philosophers’ theology in explaining theology
  • All the meanings of attributes and attributes of essence (2018)
  • Divine knowledge in Islamic mysticism





1.Commentary on Nihaya al-Hikma (2003)

2. False beliefs, skepticism, and relativism (2005)

3. Seddiqin argument (2008)

4. A study of the philosophy of history from the perspective of Marxism

5. Disruptions in the rules of causality

6. The next steps in First philosophy (IICT, 2015)

7. plurality, or unity of existence (IICT, 2015)

8. The next steps in first philosophy (general issues) (IICT, 2018)

9. An analysis of theoretical mysticism (IICT, 2018)