Muhammad Jedari Ālī

Assistant Professor

Office Location

Department of Ethics, Research Institute of Islamic Systems at Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought

What I think: Muhammad Jedari Ālī

by A. Jalili, Office of Scientific Interactions

Muhammad Jedari Ālī (born 1962), the Professor of Philosophy at Research Institute for Culture and Thought, has taught at Research Institute for Culture and Thought since 2000.

These musings are drawn from an interview.

Muhammad Jedari Ālī

the Professor of Philosophy at Research Institute for Culture and Thought, teaches on topics including politics of the Middle East, democracy in the Middle East, gender and Islam, and comparative politics.

Muhammad Jedari Ālī

Ph.D. (2012)
Religious teacher education, Baqir al-Ulloum University, Qom
MA. (2004)
BA. (1994)
Economy, Mofid University, Qom
The nature and position of the heart in Islamic

mysticism, ISC, 2009.
Critique of Aristotle's law of moderation, ISC, 2009.
A comparative study of the limits of the authority of the Supreme Leader from the perspective of Imam Khomeini and Martyr Sadr, Book Review Magazine, 2012.
Ethical consequences of consumerism, Collection of articles on moral reform from a moral perspective, 2009.
Self-friendliness and its comparison with selfishness, ISC, 2011.
Extravagance; Nature, factors and consequences, Ethical research, 2012.
Islamic model of consumer ethics, Islamic Economics, 2012.
Fundamentals of the cognitive value of the Islamic model of progress in Iran, ISC, 2015.
Moral values of progress from the perspective of Quran and Sunnah, Scientific promotion of spirituality, 2015.
Ethical criterion of production in the Islamic economic system, Scientific-research of Islamic economics, 2017.
A) Books
  1. Islamic model of consumer ethics, IICT, 2012.
B) Articles