Muhammadbaqer Pouramini

professor of Kalam Department

Office Location

Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought

What I think: Muhammadbaqer Pouramini

by A. Jalili, Office of Scientific Interactions

Ph.D. in Islamic Kalam from Qom Seminary (2017)

Currently, Kalam group is managed by Mohammad Baqer Pouramini.

Ph.D. in Islamic Kalam from Qom Seminary (2017)

Ph.D. (2017)
Islamic Kalam, seminary grade; Qom
MA. (-)
the second seminary grade; Qom, Grand Ayatollah Golpayegani's Islamic Seminary school
BA. (1967 and 1970)
first seminary grade; Tehran and Qom
Semantic analysis of Imamate in the interpretive school of Allameh Tabatabai (2016)
Analysis of the position of unrealistic cognitions in the developmental range of general reason (2016)
Exploratory reflection on what external, real, and subjective theorems are (2015)
Rational analysis and proof of the resurrection of the divine final light in the natural body (2015)
The Legacy of Previous Sharia and the Wise Scholars in the Meaning of Monotheism in the Philosophical Thought of Alam Tabatabai (2014)
The theory of the criterion of cognition is based on the scientific encirclement of the essence of intellectual differences (2014)
All-divine guardianship and esoteric spiritual guidance (2014)
Correspondence with absolute proof as a criterion of knowledge in the philosophical thought of Allameh Tabatabai (2013)
The unity of the true truth of the transcendent in the religious and philosophical thought of Allameh Tabatabai (2012)
Complete collective reason and scientific and practical rationality (2011)
Manifestation of practical practical reason in moral practice (2009)
Challenges in the discussion of evil and Allameh Tabatabai's answers (2009)
Moving in motion from the point of view of Allameh Tabatabai (2009)
Revelation in Allameh Tabatabai's Interpretive Thought (2008)
Nafs al-Amr from the point of view of Allameh Tabatabai (2003)
A) Books
  1. Fiqh and Maslaha, 2009
  2. Fiqh and Urf, 2005
  3. Fiqh and Reason, 2002
  4. Fiqh of New Issues, 2016
  5. Fiqh of Nuclear Issues, 2018
  6. Fiqh of Art, 2016
B) Articles