75-Year-Old Colonialism Neglected by 95-year-old Habermas

According to the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, “Deutsche Welle”, the German media, published a news in which Jürgen Habermas, the most prominent contemporary philosophical figure in Germany, on Monday, November 14th, in a statement referring to the vast and hot debates that are posed in Germany about the current war among the Zionist regime and the Palestinian resistance forces, emphasized that the opposing points of view in such discussions should not challenge and dispute some principles.

Habermas, is the well-known figure of the “Frankfurt School”; a school of thought whose thinkers always introduce themselves as cultural critics of Western liberal policies and attitudes. Habermas along with 2 other politicians and a lawyer have noted in a statement: “Hamas’ massacre on October 7 was carried out with the intention of eliminating the lives of Jews. The military operation of the Israeli army against these terrorist acts is justified in terms of principles, but the strategy of these operations should be based on the principle of proportionality, avoiding killing civilians, and guiding the war toward establishing peace in the future. Despite all the concerns about the fate of Palestinians in the current war, it will guide the criteria of judgment to destruction if we call Israeli operations as genocide.”

The authors of the statement then emphasized that Israel’s operation cannot be a justification for the vast the attacks and the anti-Semitic atmosphere, especially in Germany. They wrote: “It is intolerable to see that Jews in Germany are once again exposed to threats and be frightened of physical violence in the streets. The democratic self-image of the Federal Republic, which is based on the respect for human dignity, is related to a political culture that, considering the widespread crimes of the Nazi regime, the defense and protection of the Jews and their right to exist.


Western domination leads intellectuals astray

Habermas, who is known as a left-wing thinker and a critic of Western liberalism, takes the side of the Zionist regime in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and accuses the resistance of Palestinians of terrorism. Meanwhile, in order to be fair, he gives some general advices and expresses his concern about killing the civilians by the Israeli army.

Dr. Mohsen Redadi, the faculty member of the Islamic Revolution Studies Department of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, in an interview with Fars News Agency, also said: “The comments of Jürgen Habermas showed that the power of the West and its media is so high that at such significant times, even part of the elite, do not have the power to analyze outside the framework of their media’s analysis and place themselves on the side of Israel. Of course, We know that not all Western intellectuals think like Habermas, and even some Jewish intellectuals had serious oppositions against the Zionist regime during last months.

The 95-year-old German leftist Philosopher, focusing on only one point in history, called the incident of October 7th a terrorist act, and regardless of the 75-year history of Zionist colonialism, he did not consider that Hamas’s action was not a terrorist act against the Jews, but a protest and a harsh reaction to Tens of several years of captivity and occupation. It is stated in this statement: “The massacre by Hamas on October 7th, which was carried out with the intention of destruction of the Jews”, but after 40 days and the publication of new news and films, it became clear that the killing of Israelis was not by Hamas, but the Zionists themselves, and if the genocide happened, it happened not by Muslims, but by the the Jewish state!


Concerns about the rebirth of anti-Semitism

The Statement is very significant in some other ways. Considering that in recent days, many people in Europe, especially the Germans, protested against the killing of the people of Gaza and condemned Israel’s inhumane actions, Habermas is worried that this historical self-awareness of the people and their justice-seeking excitement against the Israeli state can be a motivation and platform for creating new Anti-Semitic motives in Europe and the world.

Redadi says about this: “Unfortunately, Habermas is more concerned about the resumption of anti-Semitism in Europe than the massacre of Palestinians.”

Regarding the words of Habermas, who said that the genocide should not be attributed to the Israelis, he said: “No one is happy about the creation of anti-Semitism motivation, but the truth is that the world has left behind the issue of anti-Semitism for many years, and the actions of the Zionist regime in killing kids and women are also belong the past, and unfortunately they are killing to patients, and by targeting hospitals, they are committing disasters that was not common even in the past centuries.