A critical course of history and beliefs of Baha’i

Abdul-Hossein Khosrowpanah

Babi and Baha’i are two new colonial movements that are in continuation of Shaykhis. Their purpose is to mislead people by representing baseless and contradictory beliefs. The colonialism of England and Russia had an important role in their formations. Pahlavi, the puppet regime of England and the U.S strongly supported Baha’i, so they took on chief responsibilities of country. Baha’i, using eclectic approach of Western schools, brought up some deviant and unfounded beliefs such as existence of illusory God, prophethood claim, denial of Khatamiyat and Doomsday, belief in a special Mahdism, denial of real Mahdism, claim of personal Mahdism and religious pluralism. They managed to attract some young people with weak beliefs by struggling against following religious authority and the leadership of Beytoladl. It is worth mentioning that some of the young converted from Baha’i to Islam after perceiving Islamic facts. The fake ordinances and rituals of Baha’i in addition to the modern tricks are items you will read in this paper.