Abolhassan Ghaffari


Member information Name Year of Birth Department Academic Rank
Abolhassan Ghaffari 1967 Epistemology Associate Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Education PhD


University Tarbiat Modares University
Thesis title Critical analysis of Mulla Sadra’s theory of spiritual occurrence


field Western philosophy
University University of Tehran
thesis title The relationship between soul and body in the philosophy of Sadr al-Mutalahin and Descartes


University University of Tehran
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Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
The tradition of Imtihan in human life *       Broadcasting Research Center  
The physical occurrence of the soul *       IICT  
Ijtihad and Taqlid *       Qom – Pir Omid Publications  
Conference Proceedings: Hakim Elahi Ghomshei, Philosopher of Love *       IICT  
Analysis of the evolution of the law of causality *          
Essays on Philosophy Addition *          
Collection of articles on the philosophy of art and beauty *          
Psychology of Allameh Tabatabai and its role in Islamic humanities *          
The place of the soul in the philosophy of Aristotle and Mulla Sadra *          
Theory of the physical occurrence of the soul in Mulla Sadra’s philosophy and its effect on the bodily resurrection       * Kheradname-ye sadra  
Critical Analysis of the Problems of Malarjabali Tabrizi and Judge Saeed Qomi on Mulla Sadra’s Theory of the Physical Occurrence of the Soul       *  Ayeneh Marefat  
Time and place in Kant and Hegel’s epistemology       * Marifat-i Falsafi  
The argument of the middle side (review and critique)       * Specialized Scientific Journal of Knowledge  
The theory of approval and its view with the idea of different readings of religion       * Journal of Knowledge  
Generalities in Plato’s epistemology and ontology       * Knowledge  
Reincarnation in the philosophy of Sadr al-Mutallah       * Knowledge  
Familiarity with the intellectual and philosophical foundations of the West       * Kheradname-ye Sadra  
Comparative analysis of the relationship between soul and body in the philosophy of Descartes and Mulla Sadra       * Journal of Knowledge  
Notes on the methods of interpreting the Qur’an       * Religious Anthropology  
The role and effect of the theory of the physical occurrence of the soul in the design of the moral system       * Kayhan newspaper  
Analysis and review of the instructions of Mr. Seyed Ali Ghazi Rah       * Proceedings of the World Philosophy Day Conference  
The place of causality in the Qur’an and narrations and its effect on rational thought       * Proceedings of the Congress in Honor of Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Ali Agha Ghazi  
Critical Analysis of Kant’s Philosophy of Secularist Ethics       * Qabasat Scientific Research Journal  
The system of worship from the perspective of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution       * Religious Anthropology  
Moderate wisdom and two philosophical issues       * IICT  
An approach by the method of Agha Ali Modarres Zenouzi       * Islamic Wisdom Research  
Addition philosophy from the perspective of Allameh Mohammad Taghi Jafari       * Qabasat  
A study and analysis of the moral consequences of cave allegory in Plato’s thought       * Religious Studies (Scientific Research)  
Analysis of the problem of plant celibacy from the perspective of Mulla Sadra, Mullah Rajabali Tabrizi, and Allameh Tabatabai       * Immortal Scientific Research  
Causality in philosophy       * Islamic Encyclopedia of Imam Khomeini Institute  
Critical Analysis of Ibn Sina and Mirdamad’s Interpretation of Platonic Theory from the Perspective of Seyyed Ahmad Alavi and Mullah Mohammad Aghajani       * Research – Philosophy of Religion, University of Tehran  
The role of Shiite scholars in the development of philosophical psychology       * Research – Proceedings of the Congress  
The abstraction of plant and animal populations in Islamic wisdom and its outcome in environmental philosophy       * Qabasat Scientific Research  
Aesthetics and Art in Plato       * Qabasat  


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