In the light of the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution, and founding a establishment based on spiritual values ​​and divine rules in Iran, once again religious thought emerged as a hopeful, lifelong and progressive thinker in contemporary human life. 
On the other hand, the revival of the thought of revelation and spiritual values ​​has caused the awakening and self-esteem of Muslim nations and the revival of the oppressive spirit on them, and, on the other hand, has led to a greater visibility of the erosion of human sciences and schools and their systems.
The need for careful, comprehensive and coherent research on the infrastructure of religious thought and social systems based on it, and the need for scientific and up-to-date scholarly events, due to the current and favorable conditions of this massive rebellion, as well as the necessity of pathology in the field of national culture and religious beliefs In order to explain the correct presentation and sound defense of religious thought and the removal of false and false decorations of the sacred religion of religion, and to protect the cultural identity and intellectual health of educated and younger generations of the country, the establishment of a scientific and educational research and educational institution Assumed