Ali Mohammadi Jurkuyeh


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Ali Mohammadi Jurkuyeh 1964 Department of Jurisprudence and Law, Research Institute of Islamic Systems Assistant Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
Weak Intermediate    
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Education PhD


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field Law
University University of Tehran
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field Law
University Mofid University
Research Interests  
Research underway Criminology of Domestic Violent Crimes
Religious hijab


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
Retribution of man against the woman by looking at the philosophy of differences *       IITC 2007
Pathology and Suspicion of Islamic Criminal Law *       IITC 2004
Comparative study of political crime *       IRC 2004
Philosophy of Family Law *       IITC 2007
Criminological investigation of sexual crimes *       IITC 2016
Theoretical study of compassionate treatment of political criminals   *        
Islamic criminal policy in sexual crimes   *     Islamic Law 2010
Women’s Rights, Facts, and Challenges   *     Encyclopedia of Fatimi Culture 2008
male-female relationships   *     Encyclopedia of Fatimi Culture 2009
Sexual ethics   *     Encyclopedia of the Great Prophet  
Optional/ determinative nature of the right of retribution (Qisas)   *     Islamic Law 2014
A study of the principle of equal treatment of judges with litigants from the perspective of Shiite jurisprudence   *     Islamic Law 2015
Social prevention of sexual crimes in the Quran   *     Quran, Islamic jurisprudence and law 2015
Islamic Criminological Approach to the Realm of the Impact of Biological Factors on Criminal Behavior   *     Judicial Law Perspectives 2015
The nature of political crime and its place in Islamic criminal jurisprudence   *     First International Conference on Socio-Cultural Studies and Religious Research 2016
The role of temporary marriage in the prevention of sexual crimes   *     Religion and law 2015
Strategies of Islamic criminal policy in the social prevention of sexual crimes   *     Religion and law 2016


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