Center of Excellence for Philosophy of Religion


Nowadays, many problems are presented under the name of philosophy of religion in which responding to such problems needs profound understanding, rational study and innovation. Some of these problems are as follows: the quiddity of religion, the scope of religion, goal of religion, relation between religion and reasoning, relations between religion and religious knowledge, functions of religion, religious pluralism, religious experience, the origin of religion and so on.

In one hand, the existing and the known philosophy of religion in the world cannot cover the responses for all problems and question about Islam, and in the other hand despite of the common areas in philosophy of religion and Theology (Kalam) they are different in terms of the methods and approaches. Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought is a pioneer research institute in Iran and has acquired the title of “The Center of Excellence for Philosophy of Religion” from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology according to the efforts and works published in different fields of this discipline like: the study of religion, Kalam (Theology), modern theology, epistemology, philosophy and logic of understanding religion. Different departments in IICT pursuit these fields and disciplines with a comprehensive approach. In this respect, having scientific profound background and benefiting from different departments and faculty members, IICT established a world association for coordinating Islamic philosophy of religion discipline.


Principles and Aims

In order to develop and promote the studies and participation in international scientific opportunities in the field of philosophy of religion and also presenting Islamic approach on philosophy of religion, “World Association for Islamic Philosophy of Religion (WAIPR)” which hereinafter called the Association, this association will be established. This association is non-profit which works on scientific and research areas. Association could have the possibility to establish or close secondary sections or offices in any other town of Iran or abroad under the steering committee resolution. This association is established for an unlimited time and is obligated to follow the constitution and Law of The Islamic Republic of Iran.


Areas and activities

In order to fulfill the aims considered for WAIPR, the following actions will be taken:

·         Pursuit the scientific and research plans in domestic and international areas with the scholars and researchers in the field of philosophy of religion

·         Cooperation with the executive, scientific and research institutions for the development in research and education in the field of philosophy of religion

·         To establish scholarships and prizes for the best researches and eminent professors

·         Presenting educational and research services

·         Holding conferences and symposiums in regional and international level

·         Publishing books and scientific journals