Center for Advancement and Civilization

Dr. Hosein Ramezani

Head of the Center

Mohammad Yousefi

Center expert

The main tasks of the center are:

  1. Continuous study and strategy for updating the strategies and priorities of the center’s activities, and providing appropriate strategies for developing and improving the quality of its scientific units, based on the goals, strategic principles and prospects of the research center, the goals approved by the Center and the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution (PLO), and planning For the good of their realization after approval by the competent authorities;
  2. Provide and develop long-term and short-term programs of the Center and regulate the changes in the programs and units thereof, and approve the relevant authorities and oversee their proper implementation;
  3. Planning and adopting the necessary measures to exploit the scientific capacity of the research institutes and institutes affiliated with the research institute to implement the programs of the center;
  4. Identification and introduction of qualified persons for the management of scientific units, and the proposal to dismiss and install teachers, and to adopt appropriate measures for the recruitment of specialized human resources and committed to the implementation of scientific programs of the Center;
  5. Regular presence in the scientific councils of the Center, the establishment of meetings of the Central Council and the follow up of its approvals and the referral of issues to the competent authorities for the decision making and monitoring of the good implementation of the decisions;
  6. Review and final approval of the progress reports of the Center’s programs and projects, as well as monitoring the good performance of the duties of the teachers and staff, and confirming their performance and referring to the relevant authorities;
  7. Monitoring the good implementation of the announcements, approvals of the research councils and reference points by the research department and their progress reports to the directorate and other relevant departments;
  8. Collaboration with other research institutes in order to achieve the goals, tasks and programs approved;
  9. Checking and final confirmation of the records of the members of the scientific center (for the request of the principle and final approval of the status), promotion of the base and promotion of its faculty members and referral to the relevant authorities;
  10. Preparation and adjustment of the annual plan and budget of the Center, based on long-term goals and plans, and submitted to the Directorate of the Research Center for their approval in the relevant authorities;
  11. Intermittent criticism of the status of the units of the Center and the preparation of a progress report on the programs and results of the activities of the Center and provided to the Directorate of the Institute.
  12. Provide and regulate regulations such as regulations, regulations, guidelines for research matters and submission to the research department for approval in relevant authorities;
  13. Assessing quantitative and qualitative trends of plans, pathology and providing appropriate strategies for improvement and improvement;
  14. Integration and analysis of research statistics and information in the area of ​​the duties of the center for use in planning.