Criticism and examination of Baha’i doubts about Qur’an

Muhammad Ali Asadinasab


Baha’is do not believe in Qur’an but they interpret its verses without considering the rules needed to understand them just to attract Muslims and show their ideology. Baha’is refer to Qur’an in order to prove the reason of utterance, the continuation of blessing, the advent of Baha’i and sometimes the continuity of the nation of Islam (Ummah). Additionally, they have made unsuccessful attempts to justify and interpret the verses referring to Khatamiyat (The Finality of Prophethood). In this paper, we are going to study items and mention some examples from their most important book, Faraed in addition to other book they use.

In conclusion, we will discuss the origin of their mistake, namely neglecting the logic of understanding Qur’an. We divide these discussions into six categories.