Criticism of mystical approach of Baha’i

Hosein Rohani Nejad

Babi and Baha’i have sectarian structure, “pseudo-mystical, and pseudo-Sufi “attitudes. irreligious asceticism and following exaggerated thoughts about Immaculate Imams in addition to this fact that they are “manifested symbols of God” or “those whom God shall make manifest” misled founders of this sect. Based on this faith, Baha’i believes that there should be always someone between people and the Absent Imam, namely “Bab” or “the mediator of divine blessing”. At first, he claimed Babyt; it means being mediator between people and the Twelfth Imam. Then he claimed to be prophet. Afterwards, he claimed a new religion and the abolition of Islam. Baha’i claims a kind of mysticism that is different from that of Islam. Because Islamic mysticism is to know God in a special manner. This is achieved by internal intuition and esoteric perception. Mystic is somebody chosen by God almighty as witness of his being, qualities, names and deeds.