Culture Research Department




                  Cultural Studies Department

Goals and major programs 

– Study and research on principles, nature and applications of culture alongside its genesis and development factors; cultural components and theorization and academic innovation in aforementioned fields via utilization of religious sources and documents

– Examining relation of culture with subjects like religion, thought, civilization, technology, history, art, science, ethics, politics, power, values, etc.

– Re-research and critical study and up-to-date presentation of Iranian – Islamic academic cultural heritage and related discussions and subjects.

– Implementation of interdisciplinary cultural studies.

– Examining principles, components and symbols of national culture and Islamic culture, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the current Iranian culture and the ways to correct, strengthen and deepen it.

– Comparative study and criticizing conflicting ideas in the domain of the cultural studies and answering induces doubts in the field of religious culture and cultural aspect of Islam.

– Predisposing to strengthen and further develop Iranian-Islamic culture in the twenty-year perspective.

– Studying cultural aspects of globalization and enabling to academic encounter with cultural invasion of the West.

– Predisposing the quality upgrade of cultural management and planning and cultural engineering studies in Iran.

– Providing opportunity to systematically identify and analyze cultural problems and identifying cultural trends in Iran and abroad.