Don’t let Arbaeen become a meaningless symbol

According to the public relations report of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought , the International symposium on” political strategies of Arbaeen discourse in the International Arena ” was held both on-site and online, on the 1st of Shahrivar, organized by the politic studies group of the Research Institute and with the cooperation of the IKNA news agency , the Political Studies Association of the Howzha , the Toloo’ Mehr Islamic Revolution Studies Institute , website of Abaraat, and also Arbaeen Culture Committee.

This scientific meeting was held with the presence and presentation of Hujjat al-Islam S. Sajjad izdehi, Seyed Kazem Seyed bagheri , Mohammad Ali Ranjbar and Talal Atreisi ( Lebanon ) , Idris hani ( Morocco ), Abbas Shams al – Din (Iraq), and other scholars and analysts of the international field.

Hujjat al-Islam Seyed Sajad Izdehi , the head of the Research Institute of Islamic Systems , said: Arbaeen is not just a ceremony and ritual, that begins at a specific time and ends in a certain time and a certain place; but it has a very elegant theme and content , and naturally ,it envelops a society as wide as the world, with a capacity beyond all ethnicities , nations, groups and different readings within Shi’ism , and it is a vast center for the realization of the potentialities of Shi’ism .

After saying that the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought has organized programs about Arbaeen each and every year, and this symposium is in line with the strengthening the civilization and international aspect of Arbaeen, he added : “We should try to move Arbaeen beyond an individual and social ritual, and make it an effective process in Islam and Shia and the introduction of a new civilization; because Arbaeen has such a capacity of civilization therein.

Seyed S.Izdehi stated : We have two types of approaches regarding Arbaeen  and Ashura in the Islamic revolution. First, confronting the tyrants and Second, the concept of Imamate and giving legitimacy to the ruler, as well as strengthening spirituality, Sharia and law in the field of society. Unlike Muharram, which may be done individually, and each person, group and mosque will have a ceremony, and people’s relationship with Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Ashura is regional, individual and on a small scale, the meaning and nature of Arbaeen is not small, rather it’s scale is considerable and large.

And he added: “Arbaeen is the symbol of the “unity of Shi’ites” around the central axis of Imamate and the of love of Imam Hussain (A.S.), and if we are going to create a civilization, we must transform pluralities into unity and be in maximum interaction with different religions and readings by raising our voice to only one united word. In spite of the material civilization, the center of which is human, in Arbaeen, the center is Imamate; Here, the principle is based on spirituality and reaching God, unlike the capitalist system, the center of which is capital and wealth .

Contrary to western civilization, Arbaeen is peace-oriented

The head of the Research part of Islamic Systems of the Research Institute added: If in Western civilization, welfare is the center, and human beings lose their peace in order to reach their welfare, in Arbaeen, there is peace that comes from hardship; That is, in order to achieve the desired and the ideal society based on God , people put a lot of effort on themselves , and in the light of it, they reach peace and even enjoy it .

S.S. Izdehi further said: This is such a pleasure that a person, despite the many difficulties of the path , such as the costs, walking on foot , the crowd , etc. does not consider all these as impediments in that path. Contrary to the Western order, which is based on human, individualism, prosperity and comfort, here the individual is drowned in the sea of Arbaeen, and society and being together is the principle, and Arbaeen is the symbol of Shia. Arbaeen is an opportunity for interaction and helping one another unto righteousness, so that everyone can reach the goal, so everyone insists, and offers their services to others with love.

The head of the research part of Islamic systems of the research institute said that there may be a few communities in the West, but rather small and not at this scale and continued: Of course, Arbaeen is unprecedented in the world . It is also unprecedented that 20 million people enter the land of Karbala, managing the affairs themselves, without the government ‘s leadership. Arbaeen is not a report of an event, but an impact in the life and structure of society; meaning Arbaeen provides a social extension so that we can find the goals of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and apply them in our own lives.

Izdehi clarified: ” Arbaeen means the injection of the message and aim of Imam Hossein (A.S.) with all its features, in the politics; both domestically and internationally, and even in the region of resistance. Arbaeen is the epitome of faith in the region of Islam, and the massive gathering of the fans of Imam Hussein (A.S.); Thus, we face no pluralism therein. We should be able to turn these lessons into a discourse in life and have better foresight and planning for it in the years to come .

He added that if Arbaeen is not directed towards a civilization-oriented content, some may eventually divert and mislead this ritual into a meaningless symbol, and stated: therefore, orientation and futuristic approach  is important for Arbaeen; and if  we consider it as a civilization matter, we will set a civilization end and aim for it, but if we only consider it as a symbol , we will remain at this level .

He continued: “Unfortunately, this is what has happened to the Hajj Pilgrimage, because the Hajj should be a manifestation of the fight against the tyranny and must be the symbol of unity of Islam; but because of the Arrogance and their henchmen, this function is not fulfilled. therefore, there is Hajj, but we do not have the capital market and the economy of the Islamic world, and the Islamic nations are divided, scattered and far away; and have not set a common goal for themselves.