Mahdi Mahrizi


Youth is the most beautiful, brightest, and the most cherished period of the life and its like cannot be found. When youth is spoken of, freshness and feeling should be believed. At the same time, it is a period of experience and maturity; its being intertwined with the cherished beauties of the innate nature has created another world and in its depth, another look and another emotion. The young has to go from all these “other” things to her/his “self”.

In this new experience, he is seeking for a new relation to a lost truth, a genuine and deeply rooted attraction; and in this, she/he establishes her/his link to the peace of hearts. He sings in harmony with the song of being, and sings the cherished song of “being”, and the epic song of “motion”.

“To be” is an important discovery, a hidden whisper with “one’s self”; and “motion” needs direction and “question”, a question aiming to reach.

And how beautiful is to ask and to reach! To know and to want!

The priceless essence of youth should be rediscovered. This panaromic cup has unknown dimensions and aspect which should grow in the light of an “internal force” and a “true light”. We have called the internal force “faith” and the true light “thought”.

Motivated by “more thought for more knowledge”, Youth Thought Center has proceeded to research in various fields and authored many works specific to the youth.

This time, discussion concerning “hijab”, motivated us to ask the dear researcher Mr. Mahdi Mahrizi to author this work. Having studied this book, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Is hijab a religious principle or a traditional thing?
  • What are logical reasons for hijab?

We are waiting to receive your ideas.