Imam Khomeini’s Political Thoughts

Ahmad Jahānbozorgi






Based on historical information, political thought has always influenced destinies of many nations, and has made critical changes in their lives. Today, the impact of Imam Khomeini’s political thoughts may be felt on the lives of many nations of the world from Bosnia to the Eastern Asia to Chechnya to South Africa. In this book, the author has tried to present some points from the books written by one of the greatest political minds of the 20th Century.

What is mentioned in this book is a mere introduction to Imam’s political thought as I did not manage to discuss all aspects of Imam’s political thought in this small book. In other words, in writing this book, the author has tried to make Imam’s political thought accessible to the general reader. Issues, of course, have been selected so that the reader will be able to understand the mutual relations between various parts of Imam’s thoughts while reading this book.

To each and every point quoted from Imam, a clarifying interpretation has been added to help the reader in understanding the concept and importance of the discussed idea. It should not be thought that interpretations provided are comprehensive and that no further interpretation may be provided.

In this book, the author has tried to classify Imam’s ideas and present a pattern for a political system which was analyzed only by Imam and was overlooked by other authors. This is the case, in particular, in “Ways to Realize Islamic Political System” and “Limits of Wilayat Faqih‘s Authority”.

Each and every reader will use points mentioned in this book in her/his own way. Surely, this writing is not expected to present Imam’s administrative methodologies; for this purpose, another book should be written.