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Islamic Economics

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“Islamic Economics” is a specialized quarterly that holds the certificate of Scientific-Research degree given by the Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology. The main aims of this magazine are:

□       Elaborating and defending principles and basis of Islam economic system

□       Finding pathology and criticizing economy of Islamic Republic of Iran

□       Examining and criticizing theories and schools in economy

□       Reviewing current jurisprudential issues and modern necessities in economy

This quarterly has been published up to 27 issues and discusses the following subjects: major economy, minor economy, money and banking, public sector, economic system, development, Iran economy, legal and jurisprudential issues in economy, new topics in economy, reforming the fiscal market, etc.

Three essays of “Islamic Economy” won the first place in the first Islamic Press Festival; “Economic Effects of replacing Participation System” (5), “Legal Saving and Saving in the Banks” (7) “Stability of Religion and Managing Social Changes” (8).