Law & Jurisprudence

Law & Jurisprudence

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The quarterly “Law and Jurisprudence” is on Islamic law and jurisprudence, and the following policies are considered. The main policies of this magazine are:

       Elaborating Islam legal system and presenting practical models of fulfilling that

       Criticizing legal schools and systems

       Researching jurisprudential sciences

       Finding pathology and responding to the problems in law and jurisprudence

       Finding pathology of practical and theoretical problems in Iran legal system

       Examining basis of Islamic law and jurisprudence, and defending it in a scientific way

       Elaborating related sciences as philosophy of jurisprudence, theoretical Jurisprudence, and religion, etc

       Studying legal systems and comparing them according to Islamic legal and jurisprudential systems

       Reviewing new problems and suggesting solutions due to Islamic legal and jurisprudential system

       Criticizing and reviewing rules, and making efforts to solve the problems in Iran

This magazine has been published up to 15 issues.