Masoud Pourfard


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Masoud Pourfard   Political Science Department of the Institute of Islamic Systems Associate Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Education PhD


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thesis title  


Research Interests  
Research underway Shahid Sadr Political Thought
the intellectual formulation in the era of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Critiques on Intellectual Formulation
Political stability in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Interaction of religious intellectuals with the Islamic Republic
Interaction of religious, intellectual current with the Republic
Religious Democracy


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
Political thought for Sadr *       Dar al-Huda Publishing Institute 2004
Religious Democracy *       Research Institute of Political Science and Thought 2005
Why and how the Islamic Revolution happened *       Deputy for Selection of Professors’ Affairs 2001
Formulation of intellectuals in the era of the Islamic Republic of Iran *       IICT 2013
Bosnia in blood bed *       Islamic Propagation Office 1993
Political justice *       IICT 2014
New Thinkers *       IICT 2014
Takfiri groups and virtual media *       Conference of Takfiris 2015
Political education from the perspective of three thinkers (Motahhari + Sadr + Beheshti)   *     The Way of Education Quarterly 2007
Critique of intellectual formulation   *     Political and international approaches quarterly 2010
Anthropology in Political Philosophy   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2008
Quran and religious democracy   *     Quranic Research Quarterly-Mashhad 2008
Political unity in the Qur’an   *                  Siasate motealie 2013
A study of the political knowledge of Islam   *     Quarterly Journal of Political Science 2006
Basics of Shahid Sadr’s political thought   *     Islamic Government Quarterly 2008
A study of political and epistemological messages in the Qur’an   *                  Siasate motealie 2015
Political stability in religious democracies   *                  Siasate motealie 2017
Analysis of knowledge of political thought in Iran with emphasis on academic resources   *     Political knowledge 2016
Factors in the Formation and End of Taghut from the Perspective of the Holy Quran   *     Quarterly Journal of Policy Research 2018


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