Performing authentic and practical works of research, compilation, translation in accordance with the needs of contemporary era in various fields of study as follows:

       Principles and foundations of religious thought, philosophy and Islamic theology

       Value system, principles and characteristics of political, social, cultural, moral, educational and economic systems in Islam

       Knowledge of the western culture, contemporary researches in religion, Islamic and Iranian culture, art and civilization

       Foundations, ideals and ideologies of Islamic Revolution of Iran

       Examination of reasons and effects of any damage to the society, especially the youth, in religious and cultural beliefs, and finding suitable solutions and strategies, in order to compile and publish works

       Scientific review and critique of opponent schools of philosophy and responding to their questions and doubts

       Holding M.A. and Ph.D. Courses in specialized subjects to train educated scholars and researchers

       Publishing periodicals and scientific Journals to motivate students of universities and seminary schools, artists, scholars, and other departments impressive in culture of the society and lead them toward the aims of IICT

       Holding research and scientific seminars, meetings and gatherings

       Communicating and keeping an active relation with figures, research and scientific institutions, academic and seminary organizations, mass medias in order to use their ideas, experiences and skills

       Finding, employing and supporting researchers in fields of studies related to the aims of IICT