Modernization in Shi’it Jurisprudence With Emphasis Put on the Views of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei

Seyed Sajad Izdehi


Shi’i jurisprudence has been always updating and modernized, and provided replies for the needs of time. After victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and because of necessity of serious developments required by emergent needs, it has taken essential steps to study issues concerning religious government, and provided replies for various problems in the scope of management of political system, and it is still going in this way. Success in this way depends upon development in various fields of jurisprudence among which issues such as “necessity of rereading ends and objectives of jurisprudence”, “development in methodology of ijtihad”, “development of juridical resources”, “attention to professional study of subjects in inference”, and “professionalization of various fields of jurisprudence” may be mentioned. Taking into account the above issues, the present article has discussed modernization in jurisprudence in the present time and its requirements.