Mohammad Baqir Pouramini


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Mohammad Baqir Pouramini   Theology Department of the Institute of Wisdom and Theology Assistant Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Research activities
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Fundamentals of philosophical thought *       IICT 2016
Separately woven cloth *       Young Thought Center 2013
What is Takfir and who is Takfiri *       Astan Quds Razavi 2014
The Sunnah of the Prophet *       Maaref Publications 2008
The position of Imam Reza (AS) *       Astan Quds Razavi 2008
Form of the problem *       Maaref Publications 2008
Verse of purification *       Maaref Publications 2008
Why God created the devil *       Astan Quds Razavi 2008
Safavids are a symbol of Iran’s authority *       Noor al-Sajjad (AS) and the Islamic Propaganda Organization 2002
Islamic civilization *       Young Thought Center 2010
Political School of Qom (Theological-Political Thought) *       Zayer Publications 2004
Faces in the Epic of Karbala *       Bostan e Ketab 2004
A Critique of the Denial of Interpretation in the Salafi School   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2016
Critical analysis of the epistemological foundations of Wahhabism with emphasis on the method and views of Ayatollah Sobhani   *     Islamic Theology Quarterly 2018
The role of Isfahan theologians in the development of theology in the Safavid era   *     Congress on the role of Shiites in the development of Islamic sciences 2018
The role of social speech in dealing with social harms   *       2018


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