Mohammad Javad Rudgar


Member information Name Year of Birth Department Academic Rank
Mohammad Javad Rudgar 1963 Mysticism Department of the Institute of Wisdom and Religious Studies Associate Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Education PhD


field Islamic mysticism
University Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran
Thesis title


field Comprehensive theology
University Islamic Azad University Tehran Branch
thesis title


field Theology and Islamic Sciences
University Islamic Azad University, Astara Branch
Research Interests
Research underway Mystical theology in books and traditions
Social mysticism (nature, principles, and functions)
Islamic Revolution and Spirituality
Theoretical and practical mysticism of Ahl al-Bayt
An Introduction to the Models of Spiritual Growth in the Qur’an


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
Fundamentals of revelatory mysticism * IICT 2018
Quranic man * Qabasat Quarterly
Optional death * Qabasat Quarterly
Critique of the theory of separation and contrast of mysticism and Islam * Qabasat Quarterly
Fundamentals of Islamic mysticism in Fatimid prayers * JWSS
Mysticism and politics * Erfan mag
Spiritualism in the Quran * Journal of Islamic Sciences
Unity of existence with a theological-mystical approach * Journal of Islamic Sciences
Existential human poverty in the Qur’an with a philosophical approach * Quarterly Journal of Philosophical Thought
The status of the heart in mystical epistemology * Zehn Quarterly
Imagination and its functions in Quranic epistemology * Zehn Quarterly
Rationalist Intuitions in Ibn Arabi School * Zehn Quarterly
Critique of Abu Zayd’s recitation of Ibn Arabi * Qabasat Quarterly
Shiite mysticism and its characteristics * Quarterly Journal of Philosophy of Religion
Mystical Foundations of Imam Khomeini’s Political Thought (RA) * Siasate motealie
Mystical Ethics (Nature and Components) * Quarterly Journal of Islamic Wisdom
Modern mysticism, a new challenge to Islamic mysticism * Quarterly Review
The nature of social mysticism * Quarterly Journal of Philosophy of Religion
The Nature of Behavior * Qabasat Quarterly
The perfect human being and its epistemological, spiritual, and social functions from the perspective of Imam Khomeini (RA) * Qabasat Quarterly
Gender Justice in Mystical Journey *
components of Fatimid political behavior * Siasate motealie
The status of cardiac knowledge in the geometry of behavior in Hosseini’s teachings * Zehn Quarterly


Title Type of Activity destination country Year of attendance
Speaker Critic Referee
Presenting an article entitled: Rational Intuition in Ibn Arabi School Russia 2013
Lecture 14 sessions and Q&A sessions 15 sessions Belgium 2018
France 2018
Germany 2018


Professional Service
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National Scientific Awards and Honors
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Innovative Scientific Projects
project title Institute Year
Presentation of the article: Rational intuition in Ibn Arabi school At the Russian Friendship University 2012