Mohsen Mohajernia


Member information Name Year of Birth Department Academic Rank
Mohsen Mohajernia 1964 Political Science Department of the Institute of Islamic Systems Assistant Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
Intermediate Good    
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Education PhD


Thesis title  


field political science
University Baqir al-Olum University
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Research Interests  
Research underway The epistemological identity of Sadra’s political wisdom
The political interpretation of the Holy Quran
Political Kalam of Ayatollah Khamenei


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
Farabi political thought         IICT 2001
Political Thought of Abu Ali Miskawayh *       IICT 2001
The government in Farabi’s political thought *       IICT 2003
Political Thought of Sheikh Ansari *       Islamic Propaganda Organization 1992
Political Thought of Islamic Thinkers 3 Volumes *       IICT 2010
Horizons of political thought under Al-Hakim Al-Farabi *       Al-Ghadir – Lebanon 2007
Political thought under Abu Ali Al-Miskawayh *       Al-Ghadir – Lebanon 2007
Islamic Defense Thought *       IICT 2016
Political Philosophy of Ayatollah Khamenei *       IICT 2015
The flow of political thought in the Islamic world *       IICT 2015
The Absence of Hujjat-Allah al-Mahdi and the Rise of Shiite Political Knowledge *       IICT 2018
The political philosophy of Mulla Sadra   *     Qabasat Magazine 1998
Jurisprudence and Leadership in Farabi Political Thought   *     Political Science Quarterly 1998
Civil Society and the Islamic Republic of Iran   *     Ketab e naghd 1998
The decline of the state in Farabi’s political thought   *     Political Science Quarterly 2000
Participation in Moscow Political Philosophy   *     Political Science Quarterly 2000
Periods of Political Thought in Islam   *     Qabasat Magazine 2001
Principles of Political Thought in the Qur’an   *     Qabasat Magazine 2001
Methods of Political Thought in Transcendent Wisdom   *     IICT 2004
Foundations of Imam Khomeini’s political mysticism   *     Journal of Islamic Revolution Studies 2005
Theory of contract in preparing the school of brokerage, assignment, and ethics   *     Religious modernist discourse 2004
The government in Farabi Political Thought   *     IICT 1999
Justice in the Political Philosophy of the Supreme Leader   *     Qabasat Magazine 2009
The Origin and Legitimacy of the Righteous Political System in Ayatollah Khamenei’s Thought   *     Islamic revolution studies 2012
Political Philosophy in Islam   *     Qabasat Magazine 2011
Political philosophy for the leaders of the theologians   *     Qabasat Magazine 2012
Spirituality in Islamic Defense Thought   *     Siasate motealie 2016
Political Strategies of the Honest in the Face of Political and Cultural Deviations   *     Quarterly Journal of Political Science 2016
Political Ethics in the Discourse of the Islamic Revolution   *     Quarterly Journal of Political Science 2015
The role of the Islamic Revolution in promoting justice based on Islamic teachings   *     Quarterly Journal of Political Science 2016
The intersection of three Islamic political sciences and the evolution of the theory of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist   *       2018


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