Research Center for Culture and Social Studies

Dr. Farshad Mahdi Pour

Head of the Research Center for Culture and Social Studies

Doctorate in Cultural Policy

Masoud Rahimi

Expert and responsible for the head of the research Center

The institute has five scientific groups with titles: History and Civilization, Westernology, Islamic Revolution Studies, Thought Literature, and Culture Studies.

Goals and general plans

  • Recognition and rehabilitation of Islamic scientific literature in the field of history, civilization, culture and art of Iran and Islam.
  • Research on the developments, basics and issues of civilization, Islamic culture and art of Iran.
  • Analyze and revisit long-term deficiencies, the current pathology, and examine the prospects and future challenges of Islamic culture and civilization and provide appropriate solutions for the revival and promotion of Islamic culture and art in Iran and deepening the linkage of today’s generations with it.
  • Review and explanation of the background, foundations, goals and process of realization of the Islamic revolution, studying and recognizing the issues and obstacles of the revolution and ways of consolidating the principles and development of its supreme values ​​and aspirations, and securing social classes in relation to the intellectual and cultural development of foreigners.
  • Recognizing the nature and components of Western thought and culture and criticizing and evaluating the achievements of the new civilization, exploring the ways of developing Islamic thought and the ways of the human and rational elements of the culture and civilization of other nations.
  • Critique of Publications and Opinions Issued in Research Centers.

Executives of the Institute:

  • Dr. Ali Zooelm
  • Dr. Manouchehr Mohammadi
  • Dr. Mohammad Rahim Eyvazi
  • Dr. Reza Gholami
  • Dr. Mahdavi
  • Dr. Jamalzadeh
  • Dr Javad Mansouri