History and Civilization Department

Mahmoud kullivand

Expert Group

Goals and general plans:

  • A descriptive, analytical and comparative study of the history of the civilization of Iran and Islam, the course of religious leaders and the life and works of the scientific, intellectual, and social figures of the Islamic world; as well as the presentation of the results of studies in order to increase the awareness and interests of educated classes and maintain and consolidate national identity. Religion of the young generation
  • Theorizing in the domain of history and related sciences based on the principles and principles of religious thought and using Islamic resources.
  • Scientific critique and evaluation of the opinions and works presented, as well as answering the doubts raised in the scientific domain of the group
  • Pathology of Islamic culture and civilization, providing practical ideas and solutions for correcting and reviving culture and civilization, arts and sciences, as well as scientific cooperation with the centers and apparatuses in this field.

Faculty Members of the History and Civilization Group: