Research Center for Islamic Systems Studies

Dr. Seyed Sajjad Eidadi

Head of the Research Center for Islamic Systems Studies

Ali safari

Expert and responsible for the head of the research Center

The institute has five scientific groups titled “jurisprudence and law”, “politics”, “Islamic economics”, “ethics” and “Islamic management”.

Goals and general plans

Retirement and Poverty, and the Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic jurisprudence and affiliated knowledge (philosophy of jurisprudence, jurisprudence, jurisprudence, jurisprudence of politics and jurisprudence of economics) in terms of modern scientific achievements and methods and current needs of the Ummah.

The discovery and design of legal, political and economic systems of Islam.

Investigating and elucidating the foundations and basic issues of Islamic social systems, and providing applied patterns in its domain.

Theoretical and functional peculiarities of the system of the Islamic Republic and the provision of assistance to policy makers for the full realization of Islamic systems.

Investigating the issues of the Utopian Movement on the motivation for unification in the context of the modern jurisprudential needs.

Answering the raised doubts about jurisprudence and legal, political and economic systems of Islam.

Cognitive and scientific critique of schools and opposing systems.

Executives of the Institute:

  • Dr. Seyyed Hossein Mirmoezzi
  • Dr. Sayed Abbas Mousavian
  • Dr. Ali Mohammadi Jorkouyeh
  • Dr. Mahmood Hekmat Nia