Department of mysticism

Dr. Mohammad Javad Roodgar

Director of Gnostic Group

Mohammad Mahdi Rouhani Nejad

Expert Group

Goals and general plans:

  • Investigation and critique of epistemic Islamic heritage in the fields of mystic philosophy, theoretical mysticism, practical mysticism and mystical correspondence, prayers and related topics
  • The reorganization and proper provision of Islamic teachings in the language of time in terms of new ideas and needs in the areas mentioned
  • Inference of the mystical education from the sources of proof, especially the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt (AS) and the innovation and theorizing in the subject areas of the group
  • Comparative surveys of schools and voters and field studies in the subject area of ​​the group
  • Criticism of Prophecy and Deviations and Responding to Induced Doubts in the Sphere of Gnosticism and Islamic Spirituality

Faculty Members of Gnostic Group: