Logic of Comprehending Religion Department

Dr. Hamid Reza Shakerin

Director of the Department of Religion Understanding Logic

Hassan Ahmadpour

Expert Group

Goals and general plans:

  • The pursuit and development of a key research on the foundations and logic of the discovery of religion and the classification of its specialized forms.
  • Analysis, Pathology and Criticism and Modernization of the rich heritage and Islamic jurisprudence in the field of the methodology of understanding and realizing religion
  • Studying and criticizing the new and contemporary foundations and views on the methodology of understanding religion, in particular the views expressed in the fields of hermeneutics, semantics, semiotics, linguistics, and similar sciences, and the terminology of the credible and accepted achievements of these sciences for exploitation in theology
  • A comparative study of science and opinions in the domain of the logic of understanding and realizing religion, and answering the doubts raised in this regard.

Faculty Members of the Logic Group of Religious Understanding: