Hashyeh Monthly

This publication is published by the Center for Young Researchers affiliated to the Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought and in cooperation with the Tehran Seminary’s Seminary for “Young Teachers and Teachers”. The margin tries to follow these missions with a careful and careful look at their presentation:

1 Recognizing and reviving the original, well-tried, and long-standing scholarship, education and livelihoods of the Shi’ite holy shrine;

2 Representation of the successful experiences of the field;

3 Analysis and pathology of the affairs of the field and the challenges ahead, and trying to increase vitality and happiness;

4 Explain and promote the idea of ​​”domain development” and its principles, methods, injuries and solutions;

5 The design and explanation of the intellectual and epistemological topics required by Fazla and the younger students of the field;

6 The proper reflection of events, issues of the seminary and the faculty of the guerrillas;

7. Development and deepening of the intellectual discourse of the Islamic Revolution in the field.

Today, the young college faces a mission beyond the duties of the classmates of yesterday, he needs to prepare himself and strive to put himself on the backbone of the Islamic system. The fringe tries to highlight this global mission; of course, your companionship will guarantee this holy movement. The first step is to help you expand your audience and create a “margin network.” We appreciate your support …