Islamic Econimics(eqtesad-e-Eslami)

Though in the early 80’s such journals as the useful letter, the quarterly journal of the university and the university, Quarterly Journal of the University of Imam Sadiq (AS) and some other economic journals, they devoted a part of their articles to Islamic economics issues, but in specialized centers of the humanities specialized publications It has not been exclusively focused on issues of Islamic economics in all its numbers. With the feeling of this vacuum, the Economics Department of the Islamic Culture and Thought Organization launched the quarterly journal of Islamic Economics in the spring of 2001. Today, this publication is indexed with a degree in research at the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and the Scientific Jiad University (SID) databases, as well as the specialized journals specialized in Islamic Critical Sciences Research Center (CRCIS). Also, this publication has a coefficient of influence according to the certificate of the regional information and science center of science and technology [1]. By referring many researchers and experts in this field to this publication, part of the need in the scientific community of the country has been resolved. This magazine was named the first Iranian Islamic Economics Journal in 2004 at the second Islamic Economics Festival at Tarbiat Modares University. This publication has also won top rank in festivals such as Allameh Tabataba’i Festival in 2003 and Islamic Press Festival in 2003-2003. In 1389 among the 406 scientific journals of the country, it was ranked by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology The second factor is the impact of the research journals in the country.

Goals and Prospects:

  1. Explaining the Islamic Economy and Defending It
  2. Pathology and critique of Islamic Republic of Iran’s economy from the viewpoint of Islam;
  3. The design of legal issues and new needs in the field of economics and their response;
  4. Comparative Studies and Critique of Other Schools and Economic Systems;
  5. Informing about new developments in Islamic economics and science centers both at home and abroad.

To contact the magazine office, submit a paper, and know the rules and conditions and how to post the articles to the official website of the Islamic Republic of Iran .

Editorial Staff:

chief editor
Abbas Arab Mazar
Associate Professor at Shahid Beheshti University
E-mail:  Ab_Arabmazar
 The successor to the editor
Seyed Abbas Mousavian
Associate professor of Islamic thought and culture
Email:  samosavian
 Staff Writer
Sadegh Bakhtiari
Professor of the University of Isfahan
Email:  bakhtiari_sadegh
Abbas Arabamzar
Associate Professor at Shahid Beheshti University
E-mail:  Ab_Arabmazar
Asadullah Farzinoush
Associate Professor at Tehran University
E-mail:  farzinv
Saeed Farahanifard
Associate Professor at Qom University
Email:  farahanifards
Gholam Reza Mesbahimghdam
Associate Professor at Imam Sadiq University
Email:  gh.mesbahi
Sayyed Abbas Mousavian
Professor of Islamic Culture and Thought
Email:  samosavian
Meysam Mosayee
Professor at Tehran University
E-mail:  mousaaei
Seyyed Hossein Mirmizi
Associate professor of Islamic thought and culture
Email:  h.mirmoezi
Mohammad Nahi Nazarpour
Associate Professor
Email:  mnnazarpour
Ali Asghar Hadvinia
Associate professor of Islamic thought and culture
Email:  alihadavinia
Ahmad Ali Yousefi
Associate professor of Islamic thought and culture
Email:  economy.islamic
 Administration Manager
Hossein Ghafoorzadeh Arani
Master of Science (Economics), Imam Sadiq University
Email:  hghafoorzadeh