Quarterly Qabasat, has opened an office to address the issues of intellectual, philosophical, cultural and social spheres Mrftpzhvhy, theology and education and social system of Islam is raised.

The tribes are an arena for explaining a sound and rational conception of the concepts of religious thought, the value system of Islam, and the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and answering contemporary religious questions, with emphasis on the needs of the educated class with different trends of thought, according to the criterion of genuine revelation.

This research is the most prolific journal with a scientific degree of research from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and has so far addressed a variety of topics such as rationality, philosophy of religion, science and religion, religion and the world, religion and freedom, religion and development, religion psychology Sathari wisdom, epistemology, religion and ethics, civilizations, cultures, confrontation or interaction, epistemic and verbal principles of jurisprudence, religious hermeneutics, the logic of religious understanding, Alawi thought, political thought, revival, readability of religion, mysticism, language of religion, religious scholarship , Contemporary Religious Studies, Approaches and Approaches, Contemporary Religious Studies, Views and Reviews, Quran Studies, Philosophy of Law, Special Islamic philosophy of philosophy, philosophy of philosophy and globalization, Islamic sciences, religion and philosophy, nature, religious pluralism, philosophy of the word, other philosophies, proofs of the existence of God, philosophy of history, religions, anthropology, Imamate, death research, wisdom, The nature of revelation, religious knowledge, the philosophy of religious knowledge, the philosophy of the mission of Islam, the philosophy of evil, the philosophy of morality, the philosophy of mysticism, and

The magazine also received the Impact Factor (IF) from the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC).

  •  Owner and Managing Director: Ali Akbar Rashad
  • Editor: Mohammad Mohammad Rezaie
  • Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director: Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini
  • The address of the quarterly journal: Qom: Fifteen Khordad Boulevard, Shahid Meysami St., Islamic Culture and Thought Research Center
  • Mailbox: 179 37185

To contact the magazine office, send the article and inform about the rules and conditions and how to post the articles to  the official website of the quarterly journal  .

Editorial Staff:

 Director responsible for
Ali Akbar Rashad
Associate professor of Islamic thought and culture
Specialty: jurisprudence and law – Islamic philosophy
E-mail:  rashad
 chief editor
Mohammad Mohammad Rezaei
Professor of Tehran University – Farabi Campus
Specialty: Philosophy of Religion
E-mail:  mmrezaei
 Staff Writer
Ahmad Beheshti
Professor at Tehran University
Specialty: jurisprudence and law – Islamic philosophy
Email:  ahmadbeheshti
Reza Davari Ardakani
Professor at Tehran University
Specialty: Philosophy
E-mail:  rdavari
Gholamreza Avani
Professor at Shahid Beheshti University
Specialty: Philosophy
E-mail:  gholamrezaaavani
Gholamali Haddad Adel
Associate Professor at Tehran University
Specialty: Philosophy
E-mail:  info
Hamid Reza Ayatollah
Professor at Allameh Tabataba’i University
Specialty: Philosophy
Email:  h.ayat
Mehdi Golshani
Professor of Sharif University of Technology
Specialty: Philosophy
E-mail:  Mgolshani
 executive Secretary
Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini
Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director
Specialty: History of Islamic Culture and Civilization. Jurisprudence and principles
Email:  hoseini.sm60
 Literary editor of the journal
Mohammad Esmaeel Ansari
The editor
Specialty: Philosophy
E-mail:  meansari72