The Development Process of Political Philosophy of Imam Khomeini

Najaf Lakzaie



The political philosophy of Imam Khomeini as the architect and founder of the glorious Islamic Revolution has always been considered as one of the most important sources or indices for understanding the philosophy of the Islamic Revolution by the local and foreign researchers. Thus, analyses and study of the political philosophy of Imam Khomeini as the foremost religious authority and political leader of the world of Islam in the era of Major Occultation of the Savior is of special significance and priority.

In the process of this rediscovery, three specialist axis will become quite apparent namely, theology, jurisprudence and political philosophy.

Similarly, the viewpoints of the Imam are noteworthy from several aspects. From the viewpoint of being the leader of an Islamic country and issues in line with domestic demands of Iran; from the viewpoint of unrivalled leadership of the world of Islam and pursuant to it, the issues related to the sphere of international order, the writing that is ahead of you is the product of the labor of the distinguished researcher Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Dr. Najaf Lakzaie who in addition to describing the framework and structure of the political philosophy of the late Imam by theorizing on the development process of this philosophy, attempts to explain this development process and logic governing it. 

While thanking the respected researcher for presenting this valuable work and also the respected members of the Academic Council of the Study Group on the Islamic Revolution who assisted us in carrying forward this research, especially the evaluation obtained from it, we welcome receiving the opinions and proposals of the respected readers.   


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