The Islamic Economic System

Islamic Economic System (fundamentals, goals, strategic principles, ethics)

The purpose of this book is to explain the fundamentals, goals, strategic principles and moral teachings of the “Islamic economic system” and to prove the harmony and compatibility of of these with each other, pursuing the goals of the Islamic economic system, which are justice, security and fertilizing nature’s talents. In addition, in this book, an attempt has been made to express the differences and advantages of the Islamic economic system compared to the capitalist economic system.

This book consists of an introductory chapter, four parts and a final chapter. In the introductory chapter, the concept of the Islamic economic system, its characteristics and position are explained. The first part, which consists of five chapters, deals with the insight foundations (epistemology, theology, cosmology, anthropology, sociology) and the second part, which consists of three chapters, deals with the goals of the Islamic economic system. In the sixth chapter, the concept of the felicity of the individual and the society is explained from the perspective of Islam and based on that, the ultimate goal of the Islamic economic system is explained. The seventh and eighth chapters deal with the intermediate goals of this system and its operational goals respectively. In the third part, in seven chapters, the strategic principles (the predominance of the interests of individual and community over others, people’s economic responsibilities and freedoms , the role and position of the government in this system, mixed ownership, rules and criteria for the distribution of wealth and income in this system, prohibition of usury, competition and cooperation) have been discussed. In the fourth part, Islamic economic ethics and its role in the functioning of the Islamic economic system are explained in three chapters. The final chapter compares the fundamentals, objectives, strategic principles and ethics, in the economic systems of Islam and capitalism.