The Islamic Revolution Has Provided a New Interpretation of Justice

Hojatol-eslam Dr. Mohsen Mohajernia, the faculty member of The Research Center for Islamic Culture and Thought stated in a free thought meeting named “Interpreting the Statement of the Second Step of Islamic Revolution” in Tolo-e-Mehr University that: “The Islamic Revolution has provided a new Interpretation of Justice. It was the art of the Islamic Revolution to extend the ideal of advocacy of justice to the level of ethics, law, and politics. The Islamic Revolution also introduced both public and Islamic government as authorities to fulfil it. The Statement of the Second Step of Islamic Revolution has justice as its major approach to overthrow oppression, discrimination, and unjust gaps.”

Dr. Mohajernia also said that” One of the most excellent achievements of the Islamic Revolution was a revival in the discourse of ‘justice’ and a transformation in its meaning. The justice, within this discourse, was defined as an ideal virtue and a divine goal, and was noticed in all domains like culture, politics, economy, judgeship, and etc. with methodical considerations.”

He added” Now we should step forward from contemporary status at the end of the first step of Revolution toward building society and civilization”.