The victories of Palestine are due to the use of the logic of “Islamic Resistance”

According to the public relations report of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Sajjad Izdehi, the head of the Islamic Systems in the IICT, in the International Science meeting of  “Al – Aqsa and the Future of the Palestine” which was held online by the Islamic Propaganda Office of Qom, said: “Divine Norms are of two kinds; those that do not change and they will definitely happen . One of them, is the God ‘s victory and assistance, which is definite and has been stated in numerous verses of the Quran.”

The professor pointed to the issue of Palestine and said: The future of Palestine is determined in several ways; People who can shape the future of this country, are those who have the power to produce surprises, those who are purposeful. The ones that can shape the future of Palestine are those who have the ability to maneuver in the ground combat and armed conflict. The people who can shape the future of Palestine, are those who seek martyrdom, own their territory and are willing to stay in their houses and fight for it.

The head of Islamic Systems in IICT added: If in the past and after the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist regime, the logic behind resistance of Palestine was the logic of Marxism and Socialism, there were no specific victory. But when the logic of resistance became “Islamic Resistance”, and both Shia and Sunni tried to end oppression and uphold the truth, the results and victories were achieved.

The head of the Islamic Systems said: “Based on the logic of Islamic resistance, which is based on political Islam, the divine norms accompanied Palestinians, and overtime, the resistance gained power, and Zionism went weak. That’s why the future will be in favor of the Palestinians.”