Virtual money in terms of government jurisprudence

According to the Office of Public Relations and Information Science of the Islamic Culture and Thought Organization , the scientific meeting “Virtual Money in the Viewpoint of Government Fiqh” was held on Tuesday, March 7th, 2012 with the presence of Hojatoleslam Dr. Ahmad Ali Yousefi, director of the Islamic Economics Department of the Institute.

A content report from this meeting is provided by you:

The explanation of two jurisprudential issues around the Hajjt al-
Islam Islamist cursory curves Dr. Yousefi: The jurisprudential question regarding the cipher currencies is whether these tax cuts are tax-free, can they be traded and traded on? The next question is whether with these currencies it can be traded or not, and in other words can it be placed on the payday or on any other contract?

Now that the correct answer to these two questions in our jurisprudence system is properly executed by the original sentence and the secondary verdict, various issues must be considered. One of the issues raised around the currency currencies is whether these currencies are taxed or not? To answer this question, we have to discuss the basics of what is meant by the property in the justification of the law, and based on these bases of the decoding currencies to be analyzed and concluding.

Explaining government jurisprudence and government decree
I want to make my own point about government jurisprudence, what does this jurisprudence really mean? For jurisprudence, there are two definitions that do not differ according to the definition of the method of the inference of government jurisprudence with individual jurisprudence, and it seems to me that, based on this type of definition of government jurisprudence, individual jurisprudence is not different in the method or in the source.

In this type of definition in the rulings related to the rule, both the theologian and non-the jurisprudent rule out the sources of the inference that the output of the supreme leader may differ from that of the other, in which case the ruling of the supreme leader is called a government decree And the holy shrine to the governor of the Muslims has given the right to sit down in his own conduct in government relations and to force others to obey it.

So, if we want to take the jurisprudence of a government into a particular subject, apart from individual jurisprudence, it is not right and that the author of this notion has ruled that he should exercise his authority in relation to human relations with the sovereignty and prevent other laws of other jurists. Ella is not a stone on a rock in a rule.

The need to consider the philosophy of creating phenomena in the study of jurisprudence
in relation to any phenomenon must first be the subject of precise thesaurus, but the important thing is that the thematic levels are very influential and different in the context of the coping rule that comes to pass. You once have a phenomenon like virtual currency, regardless of the effects and consequences of its creation, its philosophy, and so on; with this approach, the jurisprudent can infer one, but once again, by considering the above, a phenomenon You will be given a legal system which will surely be different from the jurisprudent’s inference.

The study of three important levels in
the topic of the first level of the topic is that regardless of the philosophy of creating an economic phenomenon and regardless of the historical changes and regardless of the effects and functions of that phenomenon, it entails jurisprudence and the legal process is implemented on it. .

The second level is that with these characteristics and characteristics we are subjecting a phenomenon to the jurisprudence, and it is also time that we put a phenomenon within the economic system of Islam to determine if such a phenomenon is essentially in the economic system Does Islam have or not?

If at this level of thematic studies we find that a phenomenon like a bank does not have a place in the Islamic economic system, our jurists on the banking issue have already been on the job. This review and review Before entering any new jurisprudential subject, it must be made clear that no work is carried out around it.

If we do not adhere to this level of subject matter, our jurisprudence will turn from an active and sought-after jurisprudence to a passive and non-respondent jurisprudence. We thought that any phenomenon has the potential to be spoken in jurisprudence, and therefore we have introduced any phenomenon into the legal system, while many issues are not at all discussed in the question of Islamic economics.

The second level thematic topic
was created in 2008 for the crisis cursors in the West, which created the bank’s institution and created a technology called Black China, which eliminates third-party intermediaries. The third intermediary is the money exchanges of banks that exist in all exchanges. In 2008, banks ruined the economy and came into the capitalist system and took out heavy taxes from the body of society to eliminate the problem that banks created for the economy. Following this dilemma, the Westerners went to a technology that eliminated bank intermediation.

Explaining the Transformation of Money
The money-laundering institution has always been changing over time, and today it has come to digital money and has not yet been in a tranquilizing instrument, and the reason for this unease in the process of converting and replacing money was that those with money They have always been busy looking for an easy, easy, safe and inexpensive way to transfer money, which led to changes in money.

These three factors in the minds of the owners of the money caused money to emerge in money and electronic money and credit cards, which is also cheaper, easier and more secure, which has already been achieved in digital and cryptic currencies, if the three above factors These currencies will also expire, and money owners will follow this new approach.

Iran; Paradise Cursive Currencies It is
said that Iran will be deciphered for three reasons paradise currencies. The first reason is that the extraction of cryptographic currencies consumes a lot of electricity, and because the low cost of electricity in Iran will definitely expand in Iran. The second reason is that the currency currencies to circumvent the cruel sanctions are a very good method, and the third reason is that the morale of the Iranian people’s nonsense is an important factor in the development of the decoding currencies in our country.

Explaining the roadmap in our jurisprudential review of
our cipher currencies . If we want to divide the issues associated with cipher currencies, we can mention four types of currencies: 1. Technical issues of the currencies of currencies associated with the creation and production of cipher currencies, such as Black China technology, and … 2. Understanding the nature And the issue of currency currencies, 3. jurisprudential rulings of the types of use of the currency currencies as Thaman or Example, 3. policy making and legislation regarding the decoding currencies in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The necessity of forming a committee of experts to observe the developments of the
Hujjat al-Islam Islamic Azad University curriculum, Dr. Yousefi, pointed out in the other part of the necessity of the formation of a committee of experts to observe the developments in the currencies of the currencies. He said: I believe that the jurisprudence believes that buying and selling currencies is permissible. Or not, it is imperative that immediately comprise a set of jurisprudential, security, political, black-tech, and black-hatchet technology scholarships so that we do not abandon this technology and that the committee will continuously monitor ongoing events and observe this phenomenon. .

I’m not going to enter into the technical issues of the cipher currencies, which is Black China, and how does the extraction of cryptographic currencies, because we can speak on the basis of what we read, but who owns Black China technology himself and who derives digitized currencies. , Surely his words will be different from the words of the servant.

Preliminary discussion currencies Rmzpayh to review legal
Before we entered the controversy among currencies Rmzpayh become primarily be due to the evolution of money and the development of the know on the next stage tasks of money to consider and currencies Rmzpayh assess whether the duties of the money realized Forgive or not.

Some people here are maneuvering and emphasizing the issue of whether or not there are currencies, but I do not believe that this obsession is not needed, since what currency currencies are or not money, it does not make a difference in our jurisprudential deduction, meaning that currency currencies are money or However, it has a convertible currency that can be traded or traded.

The review of the backing of the currencies currencies Another
issue raised in relation to cipher currencies is the argument for the support of currencies currencies; they argued a lot about how much this money is. I will clarify this discussion with a few sentences. Before discussing this, I would like to say that if the whole world of gold in the central bank is to be raised as a backing, the proportion of goods and services exchanged in the market will change with the volume of money, that is, the volume of money will increase; Does a golden background come from?

Conversely, if the central bank does not have one gram of gold, but the proportion is maintained, does the value of money decrease or increase? If proportionality changes in favor of commodities, the value of money will increase even if a gram of gold is not added as a backing.

Now, if we want to look at the discussion of the backing of the currencies currencies, we say that the flow of money back was a historical event, and those who had the gold in their hands were screwed up in bills and caused inflation, and initially thought that if we fit the issue between the release of the banknote and its backing that gold We can control inflation so that the value of money decreases and maintains proportionality while the theory is null and void and the backing has nothing to do with this.

The benefits of cryptographic currencies over other
currencies Cluster currencies have a number of dangers and disadvantages, but it is also worthwhile to explain these disadvantages and merits on the basis of the jurisprudential title. After we’ve made introductory discussions, we’ll discuss whether basically cursive currencies are property or not. But the question of determining the amount of tax in the sources of jurisprudence is wrong because the jurisprudent has what it takes to examine an economic phenomenon, whether it is a property or not?

The term shari’a is interpreted incorrectly because it is an abstract and abstract abstraction from the forgery of intellectual property for an object. Therefore, the faghih must first tax the rationality of the abstract objects and, after forgiving the intellect, enters the jurisprudence and examines the matter in terms of the ruling of the law, and then the verdict of the duty of reverence and rebellion.

Debating the currency of
some of the currencies of currencies will make some cryptographic currencies that these cipher currencies are nothing we do on them. We ask you what you say is nothing, you say soberly? Our assumption is that those who deal with cipher currencies are not partial, and the rationale of the universe is trading on cipher currencies. According to this introduction, if we say that the transaction is not quasi-currency, then it has a tax.

Therefore, getting to the discussion of the validity of the cipher currency is incorrect because it is or is not the rationale of the universe on that transaction, in the sense that the position of the discussion of the tax is not the codified currency of jurisprudence, but the fiqh after the tax is one thing with the action of the rational universe A phenomenon was obtained, then he entered into the jurisprudential debates about it.

The criterion in the taxation of an economic phenomenon
in relation to finance is that, firstly, it should be useful, and secondly, that the phenomenon in question must be relatively scarce, for example, the rationale of the air world does not sell because it is not, and this is a lack of taxation of behavior Rationalize with a phenomenon.

Another issue is the paranoid issue of the cipher currencies, in which case it should be said that cipher currencies are a type of purchasing power that is not reflected in a physical object, and therefore, I believe that the available money, including electronic money, and a decoder based on real purchasing power, And their works are illuminated in the debates and exchanges.

Also, the kind of rationalization of the rationale is in a way that is not independent or self-sufficient, as is the rational look at electronic money and notes, in the sense that we get this money to get rid of it and spend it, The cursor currencies are also the same.

The signing of the jurisprudence method to the study of economic phenomena
Another point is that our jurisprudential apparatus is not a method of writing in its approach to economic phenomena. Behavior and the relationship that occurs in the common sense of the world to a phenomenon occurs in jurisprudence with the generalities such as “Anesthetism”, “Ahlullah al-Bayba”, “Ouwba al-Qa’ud” and “Al-Nas al-Mahatoun al-Amawalem”, and so on. It is also measured by additions such as Ecol Malba Baltabal, and finally, if there was no problem in this matching and there were circumstances in the deal, signed by Sharai.

Examining the Magnitude of Coded Currencies
It appears that all of the conditions that are said to exist in cipher currencies. In my opinion, there is no problem in a positive way, and there are some arguments in favor of some sort of rules, some of which have said that trading with currencies is a prerequisite, and some have also said that Ocal is a bit overwhelming.

In my opinion, the two criteria of ignorance in the sense and the risk of a transaction lead to the propensity of a transaction and, according to the second servant, returns to the first criterion, and the risk is not solely the source of the promise, but the risk which is the source of ignorance in the sense of the word and the likeness of the proverbial And will invalidate the transaction.

Because the majority of rational transactions, as stated by Sheikh Ansari (RA), are not risk averse, and this is a normal risk, even if I believe that if there is an unconventional risk, then the deal again is not void because this amount of risk is also in the common currency of existence has it.

A review of some of the implications of the cipher currencies
. Another point to consider with regard to cipher currencies is the review of cryptographic currencies in terms of social and political issues. Here are some of the arguments for price fluctuations and their lack of preservation, tax evasion and money laundering as a consequence of the deciphering currencies.

I believe that if price fluctuations and non-maintenance of value are due to the consequences of the use of bitcoin and other currencies, then this is a problem in our own money. In the past year, we lost 470 percent of the national currency due to the government’s lack of control.

The capacity of the currencies to facilitate tax evasion and money laundering.
Facilitating tax evasion and money laundering are also the effects of the currency currencies, which we say there are two kinds of currency currencies, centralized currencies and decentralized currencies. The central bank has to focus on currencies such as Venezuela, with Venezuela countering this monetary policy with the US currency warfare.

The suggestion is that the committee of experts in regard to currencies should be formed without the passage of time, even on the assumption of the sovereignty of trading such money, because, as in the case of Da’har, which some have to learn and use to disrupt Da’har when necessary, In this area, we should not be lagging behind the economic world, and then suffer a lot of economic losses in this sector.