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– God and Freedom
The essay, a study of the relationship between
faith and freedom, is a description of the believers
enjoying true freedom. The issues dealt with are: a
review of the arguments on the contradiction of
faith and freedom, definition of freedom, the
relationship between the concepts of freedom and
self, true God – Worship and enjoying freedom.
– Rligious Freedom and Development of
Scientific Thought in Islam.
Prof. Abdul – salam, a Muslim Physicist,
discusses religious freedom from the view point of
the Holy Quran and Prphet Mohammad¨s (P.U.H)
Practices. He then Presents a historical review of
the Scientific freedom and freedom of expression
among Muslims.
– Freedom In the Earth:
A Criticism of the philosophical foundations of
The essay is a Critical Study of the
Philosophical principles and foundations of
Liberalism. In discussing its epistemological
foundations, Humanism, Freedom and Toleration
are identified as the Central Concepts of
Liberalism. The author discusses freedom in more
detailed arguments such as definition of freedom,
types of freedom, the necessity of freedom, the
Vol.2,No.3.4,Autumn.Winter 1376.
A philosophical, Religious, Cultural Research
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1. Discussion Participants: Dr. RezaDavari Hojj
Mohssen Kadivar, Ali – Reza Alavi – Tabar and Dr.
Hossein Ghaffari.
2. God and Freedom Dr. Gholam – Ali Haddad
3. Religious Freedom and Development of
Seientific Thought in Islam.
Professor Abdul – Salam, Translated by Asqar
Eftakhari and Qulam – Reza Khadjeh – Sarvi.
4. Freedom In the Earth.
Dr. Abdullah Nasri.
5. A History of the Theory of “Velayat – e –
Ahmad Jahan – Bozorgi.
6. Peotry
7. Communitarianism
Will Kimlyka, Translated by Farhad Moshtaq –
8. An Introduction to Jung¨s Thought on
Dr. Ahad Faramarz Gharamaleki
9. The theoretical Principles of “Human Rights”
in Islam.
Seyyed Ali Mir – Mussavi and Seyyed Sadigh
Rights in Islam” from an Islamic Point of view …
and present a short critique of the Status of the
Western Man in the New Age.
– A Reflection on Types of Freedom
The essay is a brief and Conscise report of
Prof.Ayatullah Motahhari¨s Views on the Subject
of Freedom, dealing With issue like definition of
freedom, absolute freedom, types of freedom,
reasons for and Obstacles to the freedom, The
Freedom of mind and thought, freedom of belief,
spiritual and social freedom.
– The Idea of Comprehensive Reform in
Sayyed Djamal’s Thought the essay may be
regarded as an example of the arguments dealing
with reform and revival of the Muslim Society using
a typological approach. The author has tried to
present the general directoins and central point of
Seyyed Djamaluldin – Assadabad¨s idea of
reforming Mulim Society. According to the author
the major factors in realizing the reform are: 1.
Society (The Forming elements, The relationship
between the individual and the Society, The role of
The elite); 2. Explanation of Social developments
(priority of Culture, Priority of Change in the
individual, eliticism, time Senitiveness); 3.
Explanation of the decay in Muslim Society
(distorted religious ideas, lack of practical
knowledge, important leaders, Western
colonialization, absence of social unity); 
4. Reasons for The Progress in the West (religiou
reforms, modern Sciences, Civil Society);
5. Criticism of the Western World (Colonialization,
Culture); 6. The ideal Society and government; 7.
The Islamic revival (priority of political
development, mental Renaissance, Practical
limits of freedom. The essay ends with a discussion
of toleration.
– A History of the Theory of “Velayat – e –
The essay is a short historical review of the
views of faqihs on the subject of “Velayat – e –
faqih”. The Status of the theory in Theology,
theoritical and Practical approaches of certain
faqihs to the problem of Government and
appointment of the rule of Faqih by Imam – e –
Ma¨soom (Innocent Imam) are among the issues
– Communitarianism
The author tries to explain communitarin views
on different subjects under discussion by presenting
Liberal and Communitarian Counter – arguments.
Liberal View of government neutrality in leading
people towards their Common good and the
Communitarian criticism, Liberal View of the
Status of individual in Society and government and
its Communitarian Counter arguments are among
the major topics.
– An Introduction to Jung¨s Thoughts on
Jung belongs to the group who have not
Stopped at a psychological analysis of religion. His
thoughts on religion are important because of his
Knowledge of Freud¨s views on religion and his
Comprehensive treatment of Various aspects of
– Theoretical Foundations of “Human Rights”
in Islam.
The authors discuss the principles and
foundations of “Human Rights” Within the
arguments on “Rights and Duties”, “Islamic
Anthropology”, “The Status and Sources of Human