What Does Religion Have to Offer to Remove the Disaster of Corona?

Dr. Ali Fazli

The Head of mysticism Department

Spiritual life style recommends two things: hygiene and pray. My question is what we should ask God in prayer. Everyone says: we should pray for this disaster, but I want to ask what factors cause this disaster so that God remove them. I don’t want to talk about all factors, but the most important one that comes back to us, is our sins that we have committed intentionally or unintentionally. According to Islam and Qur’an, all of the disasters that happen to us are the result of our bad deeds and behaviors. God forgives so many of them, but some would remain with their bad and rigorous effect on our life and steals our peace.

God says:” And whatever strikes you of disaster- it is for what your hands have earned; but he pardons much”

Nevertheless, we should wipe the sins in our self and clean our heart. So we should travel into our heart, remember our sins, sitting before God with teary eyes, apologize to him, and deeply repent; so that he forgives us and turns this disaster away from us.