Zamaneh Persian Website


The monthly “Zamaneh” is on contemporary history of politics and thoughts in Iran. The main aims of this magazine are:

       Analyzing and criticizing famous social and political thoughts in the contemporary century

       Analyzing and criticizing milestones in the history of contemporary Iran

       Examining Sociology and movements in Iran contemporary politics

       Elaborating theoretical basis, history and backgrounds, and social and historical causes to Islamic Revolution

       Elaborating thoughts, attitudes and ideals of Imam Khomeini

       Finding pathology of Islamic Revolution and ways to connect and develop it

       Analyzing and reviewing global affairs that deal with Iran and Islam

       Criticizing attitudes and works being published in the magazine

       Examining current social, political and cultural issues and news in Iran

The magazine follows these policies:

       Being a pioneer in examining and discussing new topics

       Presenting and discussing unique and new topics

       Following the process of “theory – solution – presentation” and avoiding cliché approaches

       Improving the quality and authenticity of topics and discussions

       Taking independent positions without political issues and considerations

       Being faithful to basic principles of Islam and Islamic Revolution

       Reserving moral considerations in criticizing and quoting ideas

The following topics have been discussed in 69 issues up to now:

Islamic Revolution, criticism and innovation, national security, Globalization, Orientalism, Constitutionalism, Iran-U.S. Relations, Students movement, etc.

In the first Islamic Press Festival, the essay “The Crusades: For the Christ of Satan?” (1) was chosen as the top essay.