The monthly “Zamaneh” is on contemporary history of politics and thoughts in Iran. The main aims of this magazine are:

□       Analyzing and criticizing famous social and political thoughts in the contemporary century

□       Analyzing and criticizing milestones in the history of contemporary Iran

□       Examining Sociology and movements in Iran contemporary politics

□       Elaborating theoretical basis, history and backgrounds, and social and historical causes to Islamic Revolution

□       Elaborating thoughts, attitudes and ideals of Imam Khomeini

□       Finding pathology of Islamic Revolution and ways to connect and develop it

□       Analyzing and reviewing global affairs that deal with Iran and Islam

□       Criticizing attitudes and works being published in the magazine

□       Examining current social, political and cultural issues and news in Iran

The magazine follows these policies:

□       Being a pioneer in examining and discussing new topics

□       Presenting and discussing unique and new topics

□       Following the process of “theory – solution – presentation” and avoiding cliché approaches

□       Improving the quality and authenticity of topics and discussions

□       Taking independent positions without political issues and considerations

□       Being faithful to basic principles of Islam and Islamic Revolution

□       Reserving moral considerations in criticizing and quoting ideas

The following topics have been discussed in 69 issues up to now:

Islamic Revolution, criticism and innovation, national security, Globalization, Orientalism, Constitutionalism, Iran-U.S. Relations, Students movement, etc.

In the first Islamic Press Festival, the essay “The Crusades: For the Christ of Satan?” (1) was chosen as the top essay.