Designing Vaqf Papers Based on Solh and Vaqf Contracts in Financial Procurement of Public Benefit Projects

Abbas Mosavian

Davood Nasr Abadi




There are several ways for divine activities, one of the most indelible and everlasting ways is vaqf; in vaqf people and endowers allocate a part of their assets (such as land, house & garden) for philanthropic purposes according to the needs of the society. By elapse of the time and growth of the population, one of the inconveniences that institution of vaqf has faced is that while majority of people interest in admirable activity of vaqf, they can’t do this activity individually. In other words, only few number of people can allocate their properties and real estates for “individual vaqf”. The “group vaqf” approach specially in the form of issuing equities which has been discussed among Muslim scholars in recent two decades, in addition to reinforcing the spirit of cooperation and participation that is one of the basic thoughts of Quran, has the ability of compacting with the inconveniences of the institution of vaqf.

This research which has an analytical-practical approach tries to design vaqf papers that in accordance with Islamic Shariah, especially Shiite jurisprudence, has this ability to administrate mentioned aim, in other words, in this research the “group vaqf papers” model is designed and specified for financial procurement of non-beneficial projects.