Shahid Sadr Islamic Economics Award

According to the Directorate of Public Relations and Information of the Islamic Culture and Thought Research Institute , the ceremony of granting Islamic scholarship to the martyr Sadr with the presence of thinkers and educators was held on Thursday, April 22, in Qom. 
Mohammad Javad Tavakoli, secretary of the Second Islamic Martyrs Sadr Islamic Seminar, attended the ceremony in Qom on Thursday evening, referring to Shahid Sadr’s scholarly character, saying: “There is a lot of work on the martyr Sadr, both at the university and in the field There have been. 
He continued: Martyr Sadr is the father of Islamic economics and has different ideas in this regard. 
Tavakoli added that historians and economic thinkers have always emphasized Shahid Sadr’s abilities and genius, which are indicative of their position in Islamic economics. 
He continued: The name of the martyr Sadr should always be alive, and this is one of the goals of holding the second mourning ceremony of Sadr’s Islamic Economics Award.
The second secretary-general of the Islamic Shahid Sadr Islamic Award noted that the first period of this award was held in 1395, and today the second mourning ceremony is awarded to Sadr. 
He added: “According to the jury review, the second prize is given to Hojatoleslam Mousavian, a faculty member of the Research Center for Islamic Culture and Thought, who has extensive research and publications on Islamic economics. 
Tavakoli said that he has published 37 books, 149 articles and more than 60 articles in specialized journals. 
He added that in addition to this, they have received 27 scientific awards showing their ability to do so.