Conceptual Metaphors and Quran Spaces; Cultural Research of the Year

According to the Directorate of Public Relations and Information of the Islamic Culture and Thought Research Institute , the closing ceremony of the 15th Cultural Research Festival will be held on Sunday, March 2, 1397, with the address of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, Sayed Abbas Salehi, at the conference hall of the Tehran Institute of Culture, Art and Architecture held. 
Sayed Abbas Salehi, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, emphasizing on the importance of all those who have contributed to research in these years, said: “The field of culture and art is our focal point and our Iranian identity; a trust culture is in the hands of We in all areas need trust and support.
He said: “One of the important areas for the Iranian Islamic culture is the scientific infrastructure. Culture and art need scientific support to preserve our cultural and artistic identity. Accordingly, we need a serious determination in the field of cultural statistics and information. Unfortunately, in the field of information and statistics, we are infected with information poverty, and some of them are incarcerated, some see information as personal deposits. We also suffer from the weakness of information processing, as well as poverty-stricken developments in information, which means that information does not become secondary research.
The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stressed that information should be turned into politics and strategy. The set of these weaknesses naturally makes us more courageous in the realm of culture. Also, in the field of cultural research, we also need to function in a functional way. In recent decades, there has been good work in the field of cultural research in various areas, but in the fundamental research we have gone a long way, so that we can take a solid step.
Salehi added: “In some cultural fields, we are in the beginning, but in some areas of the familiar name of culture, such as culture and religion, culture and society, culture and urbanization, we have to take more concerted steps. In the field of social development, our distance from the destination is very high. If we can not survive in the field of culture, we will regret it. We need to define and define the way in different cultural areas. For example, we have a lot of work in the field of economics and culture that has not yet been done. 
At the end of the ceremony, with the presence of Seyed Abbas Salehi – Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Tibi – Head of Jihad University, Ahmad Masjid Jamei, Carandesh Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Dr. Ali Montazeri, from 9 selected subjects in the field of research in various cultural arenas, as well as From Morteza Farhadi, a pioneer in the field of research. The 15th edition of the Cultural Research Festival was also read out.
In this festival, the work of “Conceptual Metaphors and Quran Spaces” by Hojjatoleslam Dr. Alireza Ghaeminia was elected as a scholarly scholar of the Department of Epistemology of the Research Institute and editor of the Quarterly of the Mind.