Collaboration with iict

The Research Center for Islamic Culture and Thought welcomes the scientific collaboration of scholars and academic researchers, as well as domestic and foreign research and cultural centers.

The research institute also focuses on scientific cooperation with various centers, such as participation in conducting research projects, holding scientific conferences, publishing specialized journals, exchanging scholarship, holding specialized training courses, library collaboration, and offering lectures.

Researchers who wish to collaborate with the research institute, have a PhD degree or four areas or have significant research work, and have the research experience and research capability in the research fields of the research groups, can contact and meet with faculty directors on how to collaborate. Get informed by the research team.

Interested internal and external devices can also be contacted for further information on the management of internal scientific cooperation and the International Research Center’s Office of International Communications.

For contacting the different sections of the Research Center, please refer to the contact section of the main menu of the site.